A program already in use in six other communities will be making its way to Kipling this summer as the Saskatchewan Health Authority looks for solutions while waiting for new physicians to arrive in the town.  

Thursday morning, it was announced the emergency room in Kipling will be staffed through the virtual physician program when there are no local physicians able to provide in-person coverage. The program uses the HealthLine 811 infrastructure to give the nursing staff in the emergency room access to a physician. The patients can then be assessed, triaged, and receive treatment based on their needs.  

The program is intended to be a temporary measure introduced by the SHA to allow emergency health services to remain open in communities when there may be a lack of staffing.  

Kipling is expected to have two new physicians start practice in the coming months. One is slated to start in the community this summer, and the other is expected to arrive in the fall.  

So far, the virtual physician program has been used in Broadview, Davidson, Gravelbourg, Lanigan, Oxbow, and Porcupine Plain.