The month of June has seen a decent amount of rain so far, coming just as seeding is wrapping up for many producers in southeast Saskatchewan. While Weyburn has gotten just over 20 millimetres so far this month, some of the surrounding areas have seen a lot more, and some have seen a lot less. 

Dale Paslawski farms north of Weyburn. He said the rains he has seen so far have been adequate, but he could use a little more.  

“The rains have been sporadic, and you can go two or three miles from my farm, and the rain gauge is totally different than at my place, and some producers are thinking our crops are a little bit behind normal for this time of year,” Paslawski told Discover Weyburn.  

While the rains have been welcome, the grey skies of late haven’t been too helpful, with many producers now hoping for some sunshine and daytime temperatures around the 25° mark. For some crops, the sunshine is needed more than others. 

“Lentils don’t need that much rain, so there’s been a lot of fungicide being put down on lentils, and some of the chickpeas in that are in the area,” Paslawski explained. “Those guys want some heat, and these little drizzles and splatters of rain can actually create some disease problems.” 

The forecast is calling for that sunshine and warmth to arrive on the weekend.