Murray Benson of Weyburn is this year’s recipient of the Perry Folk Fellowship Award.  

The award is presented annually to the Weyburn Golf Club Patron who enhances the clubhouse atmosphere and experience for others in their company.  

“It's been a blessing,” said Benson. “The golf course is something we could go to get away from the problems of the world, and just be out there, have a good time, and be with your friends. That's all it was.” 

Benson added he is humbled to receive this award, which was presented on Wednesday by Colin Folk, brother to the late Perry Folk. 

The award has been presented since 2009, the year Perry Folk died. Al York from York Jewellers was friends with Perry Folk, and thought the things Perry did need to be acknowledged and rewarded.  

Pumpjacks owner Shannon Lindsay was also friends with Perry, and donates a $100 gift card for the recipient every year.