It was a busy night of trick or treating for the local children and campers at Nickle Lake Regional Park, with everyone enjoying Halloween on the Lake. 

First place for the best-decorated site went to the Manko Family at site 80, the Seghers Family at sites 132 and 133, and the Scott Family at site 415.

While Halloween in August has been happening a few years longer at Mainprize Regional Park, Tim Manko said they learned last year to decorate a little bit earlier in the day, and they even had to pull more candy from their cupboards last year with more than 200 trick-or-treaters.

This year, the Mankos won with their Pirate theme. 

"It's a lot of fun," said Tim Manko, noting the costumes are easier to enjoy when it's not so cold outside. "Lots better to see the kids. They don't have to hurry around, don't have to worry about the snow, so it's good, they can have the shorts on and whatever. They don't have to worry about what they got on there." 

Tim said his wife Heather and their grandkids were 'pirates on the high seas' as they went around trick-or-treating, while he manned the ship to hand out candy.

He added the kids at Nickle Lake know their site is always good for treats, all summer long.

"We try to [see the kids a lot], they drop by we give him freezies, drinks, cookies, and water."

Some sites even had treats for the parents, and the festivities didn't end at 8:00 when the candy was done being collected. They followed it up with a costume judging and haunted glow golf.