September 21st is Canada’s National Tree Day, a day to recognize what trees, bring to rural and urban centers.  

Today many cities across the country are bringing awareness to the importance of continuing to plant trees to benefit wildlife habit, clean the air and to beautify our backyards. John Michaud, owner of Rough Bark Acres shares the most popular trees grown in the southeast, “The most popular tree all the time is Poplar Trees because they grow so fast and are very hardy for this area. Spruce Trees are always popular, but they are tough. Spruce Trees in Saskatchewan are rough, you need a lot of water in them in the fall. This year we have a lot more Lindens and Ash Trees in this year as well.” 

We officially welcome the fall season on Thursday, September 22nd it is a perfect time of year to plant seedlings, shrubs, and trees in Saskatchewan explain Michaud, “Fall is my favorite time to plant, we probably plant 85% of our trees at our place in the fall. We’ve had the best success rate planting in the fall. The goodness is that the tree continues to put roots down, what’s nice about the winter is the deciduous trees lose their leaves so they won’t have any problems with the winds. You won’t need to stake it in the springtime.”  

If you’re looking for more information about planting trees locally visit Rough Bark Acres or Canada’s National Tree Day.