Sometimes police presence all it takes to cool down from a heated argument that has turned violent. 

Last week the Weyburn Police Service responded to a reported assault. 

Deputy Chief Brent VanDeSype said it was a family matter involving two men. 

"In a case like this, the matter was resolved," he noted. "There were no injuries per se. So it was a verbal argument which accelerated and became physical to a certain degree, but it wasn't significant enough. The officers felt that they could just speak to the individuals and warn them and go from there. 

Officers spoke to both parties who agreed to separate for the night and deal with the matter in an amicable manner at a later date.

Police presence also helped ensure some drivers learned a lesson or two.

VanDeSype said a number of calls came in from Weyburn residents concerned about congested traffic in school zones.

"Congested traffic, and concerns that people are going a little too quick and with all the kids coming in and out of the school area and all the traffic in that area, they were concerned with some traffic enforcement areas so we stepped up our presence in that area and and some of the tickets under the Traffic Safety Act resulted," he shared. 

One motorist was not only busted for speeding, but for driving under the influence of cannabis. Read more HERE.

VanDeSype said speeders in school zones is all too common.

"Speeding is probably the most common interaction and obviously speeding on the highway would be a little different than speeding through school zones, especially when it's congested with kids and other traffic," he added.

SGI busted nearly 200 drivers for speeding in school zones in September. Read more HERE.