An average number of calls last week for the Weyburn Police Service saw the most charges being laid under the Criminal Code of Canada.

Several matters during the week were traffic-related, including one driver being charged with driving while suspended, another for driving while disqualified.

However, it was much worse for one driver, who was caught using their cell phone while driving and failing to stop at a traffic signal, and then tested positive for the presence of cannabis. Their vehicle was impounded and their license suspended, and they are facing further charges, as a quantity of a controlled substance was also located and seized from the vehicle. 

Late Monday evening, officers responded to a report of an intoxicated individual inside a residence that was being aggressive, causing damage, and refusing to leave.  A man was arrested and now faces charges of mischief to property and being unlawfully in a dwelling. He was released when sober and has an upcoming court date.

Police also arrested an aggressive person after he wouldn't leave a drinking establishment. In fact, after refusing to leave when requested to do so by staff, he was arrested and charged under the Alcohol and Gaming Regulation Act for refusing to leave as requested. The man was also held in custody until he was sober.

Another residence contacted police when an intoxicated family member was causing a disturbance. After speaking to all involved, the man was arrested and taken into custody, held overnight and released on conditions when he was sober. He is now facing charges of assault and uttering threats of harm.