Gas prices are the highest they have ever been. The average price in Saskatchewan is 204.6 cents /litre, and prices in Weyburn are around 203.9 cents/litre. 

The price of gasoline is 115 percent more than it was two years ago, and 62 percent more than this date last year.  

The increases come as gasoline production has been down in recent months, but appears to be on the rise, with estimates for June of 3.131 billion litres of gasoline coming from Canada’s 14 refineries. 

With the price of gas where it is at, we are wondering if anyone is changing their driving habits – walking to work, riding bicycles when possible, etc. As well, has the price of gasoline impacted your vacation plans for this summer by putting off a road trip? We also want to know if you plan on changing to a more fuel-efficient vehicle.  

Take our poll below, with the results coming Monday morning.