It's good news for those who have been missing swimming in the pool at the Weyburn Leisure Centre over the past couple of weeks since the flooding took out the facility's underground electrical and mechanical infrastructure.

"We're really excited that we can again open for the season over at the Weyburn Leisure Centre, with the outdoor swimming pool opening tomorrow morning at 6:20 for morning laps, then we will be following regular programming from there on out, hopefully for the remainder of the summer season," shared Andrew Crowe, Leisure Services Director with the City Of Weyburn.

Crowe said this week's swimming lessons will still be canceled, as they were called off due to the uncertainty of when the repairs would be completed. Lessons, as scheduled, will resume next week.

"Everything is running 100 percent there at the pool, and we will be following our schedule which can be found on the City of Weyburn website," he reminded. 

He added they're working on some changes to the facility to ensure future flooding doesn't cause another closure.

"So unfortunately we don't have control of the weather, we're doing all we can to try to keep it from happening again," he noted. "We're kind of in an unfortunate situation with how the mechanical system was all laid out from a when the building was first constructed, so we are limited with some things and with what we can do, but right now we're working through plans."

"Actually, we started working through plans back in May when we experienced our first flood to try to negate this situation from happening again. However, some things take some time so we just hope for good weather for the remainder of the summer season, and as always, we'll do whatever we can to keep the building open to the public and then hopefully in a few months' time we have some designs to try to rectify the situation from happening again." 

Find the pool schedule HERE.