The Quota Club of Weyburn held a celebration Thursday evening to announce their support of some local organizations.  

Weyburn Care-a-Van Society received $7,330, the Weyburn Public Library Toy Lending Library was given $1,805, the Rotary Club Music Festival received $1,690, $1,340 was given to Envision Counselling, and the Salvation Army received $1,115.  

“The amount of support that we get from the community is really heartwarming,” said Lynda Rideout, Executive Director of Envision Counselling. “It helps us continue to do the important work that we do and keep our doors open.” 

Rideout added this donation was a surprise, as she was simply invited to a cocktail party by the Quota Club.  

“I didn't really know that we were expecting the donation, but it will definitely come in handy.” 

Weyburn Public Library Branch Manager Katherine Wagner was also not expecting to receive a donation.  

“The Quota Club has always supported our Public Toy Library, but this donation was sudden and a lot more than I was expecting.” 

With the donation, Wagner plans to update some of the toys in the Toy Library.  

“Things start to get older; they start to fall apart so we are excited to be able to buy some new toys and refresh the collection, and maybe expand it a little bit.”   

Weyburn Care-a-Van Society received the largest donation, as the organization had the highest percentage of votes. It provides transportation for disabled people in Weyburn and the surrounding area. 

“So, the Care-a-Van Society has been in Weyburn for a very long time,” said President June Fletcher. “It depends totally on fundraising, so we really appreciate it when the general public also donates, not just the member agencies.” 

The Quota Club of Weyburn also recently made a donation of $10,066 to the Weyburn & District Hospital Foundation. 

Weyburn Care-a-Van Society, the Toy Lending Library, the Rotary Club Music Festival, Envision Counselling, and the Salvation Army received donations.