The R.M. of Brokenshell's Parks and Recreation Board is selling raffle tickets as a fundraiser for overall beautification of their park.

"Our actual big goal this year is to make the hall completely wheelchair accessible," said Board President Lana Szabo-Cleveland. "But all funds that we raised through all of our events go towards the hall and park maintenance. Two years ago now, we added the park equipment. So it's trying to unify and add life back to the community. If there are repairs, then we use that as well."

The 50/50 raffle will end in one big jackpot prize. 

"We debated doing three prizes, but figured you know what? It's a bigger draw if you get one winner," she explained.

The draw will be made on August 12th, the same day as Trossachs Time. 

"So if anybody was at that last year, we had a car show, kid games, barbeque, bee gardens, face painting, and we plan on maybe expanding on that this year, and we had people from Yellow Grass, Radville, Weyburn, all come out and support it. It was a very fun day." 

Get your tickets for $5 each through the Brokenshell Parks and Rec Facebook page.

"People can get their tickets by contacting any board member or going on our Facebook group, and you can contact us there and work it out from that end," said Szabo-Cleveland. "We'll also have tickets at our monthly trade show markets, which we told we try to do the first Saturday of each month, but that all depends on holidays and whatnot. We always host the event basically with a free with a luncheon being held as well right at the hall. Generally upstairs, unless we have too many vendors, and then we've actually held them downstairs as well."

She said they have over a dozen vendors each month.

"We started the farmers market at the Trossachs Time and the vendors were so excited about it that we decided to accommodate them and start running them monthly for them." 

She added in January they elected new board at their AGM. 

"So I stayed on as president, and Bobbie-Lee McCrae was voted in as vice president, Brianna Riviere stayed on as treasurer, Daphne Cheguis got the position of secretary / marketing and then our members at large are Kristen Caldwell, Jenna Lyn Pattyson, and Chris Thorn. So we've got more members than we did two years ago, when there was just three of us running the show."