Swimming lesson registration opens up on Tuesday morning at 8:30 a.m. for lessons in July and August.

“We now have all of our summer programs entered into our XPLOR rec system, so you can view these by going to weyburn.ca you scroll down and click on the big blue circle that says 'leisure programs' and this will show you all programs for the Credit Union Spark Centre, and at the Weyburn Leisure Centre,” said Program Manager with the City of Weyburn, Tina Clay.

She shared on the Life Saving Society swimming lessons.

“If children haven't taken any lessons prior to January 1st of this year at our pool, we encourage parents to view the registration chart on our Weyburn Leisure Centre web page. Although some of the names are similar to what the lessons were called in the Red Cross Program that everybody's used to, this program is a very different program.”

Clay said they are asking everyone to double check their registration chart to see what level their child should be put into the new Swim for Life program.

Another new program being offered this year is called Swim for All.

“It's a free program designed for children and youth with diverse needs,” she noted. “This program is for children who love the water but are unable to participate in organized swimming lessons. So we have volunteer instructors who are certified Life Saving Society, Swim for Life instructors, to come up with a game plan designed specifically for your child.”

She said activities can range from getting your child comfortable in the water to improving their strokes.
Find the Leisure Guide HERE.