The R.M. of Weyburn is currently accepting applications for the Sask Lotteries Community Grants.

Reeve Norm McFadden said each year the R.M. Council helps with the allocation of the $6,000 in funds they are allotted.

"It's open to basically any nonprofit organization or group. I do believe you have to supply some financials for us," he noted. "If we have three groups, we don't they each gets $2,000. We split it up how we think should fit. They do outline what the funds are intended to be used for. You can't just say, 'I want money'. "

The funding is earmarked specifically for projects in the Weyburn area.

"That's a really good thing for some of these organizations. It's a shot in the arm for some of them to maybe get a little extra equipment for whatever it is," he clarified. "It would be for a group for something you'd really like to have, but you know the funds just aren't quite there, and, 'if we apply for this and qualify, well, you know what, this gets us that thing that we have had on our wish list for the last two or three-four years'." 

McFadden added the form can be found on their website HERE or in person at the R.M. of Weyburn office.

"You can stop in at the office and grab the paperwork and fill it out, bring it back in. It'll go to the Council meeting and then we kind of divvy up the funds accordingly. We take into account different scenarios and what people are trying to do, and go from there."