The fire from a train derailment that occurred last week just outside of Macoun, caught the attention of many. 

Including the Member of Parliament for the Souris-Moose Mountain riding, Dr. Robert Kitchen, who spoke about the evacuation that occurred during that time. He also mentioned the Lac-Megantic tragedy that occurred in Quebec in 2013 and the death toll from that derailment.

"Fortunately, in this situation, it happened in an area that was away from a big population, although there were many people from Macoun who had to be displaced and also many people from the RM of Cymri who were moved out of their homes because of the flames and the heat and because of the fumes that were coming out of that."

He spoke about the importance of energy, food and transportation security in light of this event, as he commented, "The reality is, it's the main transportation line, it's the main artery coming out of the States and bringing products in and out of the country."

He also gave kudos to CP Rail for getting the main line up and running as quickly as they did.

"They did a stellar job in making sure we had that movement of goods continuously, but a pipeline would have solved a lot of that problem if this government would step up." 

He added that having a pipeline across this country to move our oil and energy would be such a significant benefit.