With the 2022 harvest started in many areas across the country, the federal government has compiled all the information it has to try and get a glimpse of how much is coming off the fields in terms of yield.

For the most part, numbers seem higher than they were in 2021 following a severe drought in the prairies, though some areas seem to still be working with little moisture.

Meanwhile, in Eastern Canada, much of southern Ontario experienced drier-than-average conditions, while eastern parts of Ontario and most of Quebec received higher-than-average rainfall.

The Crop Condition Assessment Program indicated that overall plant health in the Prairies was similar to the previously seen higher-than-normal at the end of July, indicating the possibility of normal to much higher-than-normal yields.


Wheat production across Canada is projected to increase by 55.1% year over year to 34.6 million tonnes in 2022.

This is largely attributable to higher anticipated yields, which are expected to rise by 41.6% to 51.1 bushels per acre.

Harvested area is also expected to increase this year by 9.4% to 24.9 million acres.

Spring wheat is largely cited as the source for the growth, though most varieties did see an increase from last year.


Canola production is expected to rise nationally by 41.7% to 19.5 million tonnes in 2022.

Thanks to growing conditions on the Prairies improving considerably relative to 2021, yields are expected to be pushed up by 47.8% to 40.5 bushels per acre.


Nationally, corn for grain production is projected to increase by 6.0% to 14.8 million tonnes in 2022.

This is driven by yields rising to 163.9 bushels per acre, rising by 2.3%, and harvested area is expected to rise to 3.6 million acres or 3.6%.


Soybean production rising in the nation as it's projected to increase by 1.8% year over year to 6.4 million tonnes in 2022.

Yields are expected to rise by 3.7% to 45.3 bushels per acre, while the harvested area is anticipated to decrease by 1.7% to 5.2 million acres.


Higher barley yields were seen compared with 2021 as a rise of 57.7% took place to send that to 67.8 bushels per acre.

That's as they're anticipating a lower amount of harvested area at 6.3 million acres, a drop of 14.8%

As a whole, barley production is expected to rise by 34.3% year over year to 9.3 million tonnes in 2022.


Oat production is projected to rise by 59.2% to 4.5 million tonnes.

Harvested area is expected to increase by 10.6% to 3.2 million acres, and yields are expected to rise by 44.1% year over year to 90.2 bushels per acre in 2022.

The full report, along with some regional breakdowns of the estimates, is available on Statistic Canada's website.