Weyburn's Tim Hortons has once again chosen Family Place as the recipient of the Smile Cookie Campaign.

This is a huge fundraiser for The Family Place as it brings in a sizable chunk of change. 

"This I believe will be our fifth year that they have chosen us to receive that," said Judy Lumb, the Assistant Director at The Family Place about the upcoming fundraiser. "The first year when we did it, because we got so many pre-orders and stuff, they just liked the fact that we were so involved, so they just kind of continued to pick us for the next few years after that."

This will be the second year that Family Place helps with the fundraiser.

"Last year was the first time they had us come in and help bake the cookies, and once they cooled we had other volunteers decorate."

If you are able to volunteer you can contact The Family Place at 306-842-7477 or private message them on Facebook.

A smile cookie costs $1.00 and 100 percent of that will be going directly back to The Family Place. Smile cookies will be available at Tim Hortons from September 19th to the 25th.