Two sponsorships were announced by the Stoughton Credit Union on Wednesday during their Annual General Meeting.

A 15-year, $75,000 agreement with the Stoughton Golf Course for Clubhouse expansion and renovations, and a two-year, $5,500 sponsorship with the Heward Community Complex, for programming.

Marketing and Project Management Coordinator Karla Gervais said the announcements were exciting for them, as this is the first time they've had the opportunity to contribute formally in this way.

"Last fall, we opened up to the community organizations to submit what they had going on, what they need assistance with, and we got quite a few in," she noted. "It was a tough decision, but we're happy to see somebody here benefiting from us. We definitely go beyond financial services in our community."

"We're investing in the place that we call home. We're all from here, all local, and we just want to see our community thrive, and the best way to see it thrive is by us giving back and assisting, so that all the community members have somewhere to go enjoy, build new memories."

Gervais said with Stoughton being a small community, the way the local businesses give back is much appreciated. 

"We're just happy to be one of those businesses that can give."

The golf clubhouse, she shared, is used by many Weyburn residents in addition to those who live nearby, and locally it is well-enjoyed.

"We just want to make sure that everybody has a place to go to and that everybody enjoys it," she commented. "My husband's heavily involved with the golf course. He's been the president for quite a few years here, and then I help out where needed and organize different golf tournaments throughout the year."

"It's just nice to see the growth that can be there. I think was 1999 when the golf clubhouse opened. So it's definitely time for some renovations. Now this would be the third or fourth year that they'll be offering ice cream and different ice-cold treats out of the clubhouse. So to expand to allow room for that is good. It's a whole family atmosphere there, and we have a big soccer community here and I know on soccer nights it's quite busy at the clubhouse. Everybody going after that to get their ice cream." 

Heward community complex(L-R): Stoughton Credit Union General Manager Christine Corscadden, Doug Trowell with the Heward Community Complex, and SCU Board Director Darwin Fenn.