Local Veterinarian Gary Hoium had a signing at Pharmasave on Friday for his new book “Don’t They Kick When You Do That.” 

Dr. Hoium says the book is made up of things that have happened during the course of his career.  

“Over the course of 36 to 40 years, we had a lot of stories and a lot of things happen, a lot of unique things.” 

Writing a book isn’t something that Hoium always considered doing. 

“So, when COVID kind of took over our lives, I had a lot of extra time at home. So, one night I sat down with my pen and paper just to see well how many stories I might have, and I had 65 stories the first night. I thought well that’s pretty good and I knew I didn't have them all, so by the next night I had 125.” 

Some of Hoium’s motivation came from his sister passing away from cancer a year and a half ago. He's even donating $1 from each of his books sold and donated $5 on each book sold at the book signing on Friday to cancer research. 

“It was a long road for her, she had uterine ovarian cancer, and we were five years on that journey and a lot of ups and downs and it really drives home how important you know our health is and how important it is for the research to continue.”   

Hoium says readers might be able to find themselves in his book, as a lot of it is about clientele and colleagues.