A man is facing a number of charges after an incident in the early morning hours last Monday.  

The Weyburn Police Service said they responded to a glass break alarm at a local business and responded to the scene. The officers responding to the scene discovered a window had been broken, and some items were taken from the business.  

“Fortunately, the business has some surveillance video that we were able to use, and there was an item left behind at the scene by the culprit,” explained Deputy Police Chief Brent VanDeSype. “So those two items helped us identify who it was, and they were picked up and charged accordingly.  

The suspect was charged with mischief to property, breaking and entering, and committing theft.  

VanDeSype noted that having something like a surveillance camera can help out in any business. 

“It’s a very good investigational tool for the business, and as well as the police.” 

The Weyburn Police Service responded to 82 calls last week, with a total of 19 charges. Of those charges, 15 were under the Criminal Code while the other four were under the Traffic Safety Act. The WPS noted five of the criminal charges were related to failing to comply with conditions of release or failing to appear in court when required.