Halloween is here and this evening will be filled with ghosts and ghouls and lots of candy. 

Weyburn Police Service Chief Jamie Blunden wants to ensure that, along with the fun, everyone enjoys a safe Halloween, especially while trick-or-treating.

"You have to be able to see where you're going," he said.  "So please, please, make sure that whatever you put on your face, make sure you can visibly see everything around you. Don't put a mask on if you're having a tough time seeing through. Face paint is probably a better thing than a mask itself, so you can see everything in front of you."

He added that being visible is also important for those going door-to-door.

"Whatever it is that you're wearing, you could certainly wear reflective tape and that's available at any store that you go into a Canadian Tire, Rona, wherever you go. That's something that you could probably pick up. And so as a parent, I would think that you would get some reflective tape both on the front and back of your child."

Of course, while it's important that kids slow down and make sure they aren't in harm's way, it's also important for drivers to be aware of their surroundings.

"We all know it's Halloween so please, please, please slow down," he said. "Take your time, make sure you look both ways. Kids are going to be excited and running back and forth. So please slow down and make sure that you're looking around for those kids during that period of time."

Chief Blunden also noted that there are a few safety measures to take once trick-or-treating is over.

"What I'm going to say is that I think any parent should be cognizant of the fact that some people out there just aren't nice people," he said. "The majority of people out there are going to be super community members. But there may be one or two people out there that don't want to be. Back in the day, we'd always say the apples were a bad thing, you know, because pins and razorblades we've heard of. But nowadays, with all the other stuff that's out there, I think that you're not going to accept anything that's baked goods or that's not wrapped. As a parent, I think you should know where that's coming from and do your due diligence."

Tim Hovind FillmoreWhile homemade goodies can cause suspicion, Tim Hovind of Fillmore is well known for his candied apples, this year making 35 regular candy apples, 38 root beer flavoured and 37 caramel apples.