The marquee itself came off the front of the Soo Theater yesterday. Today, work began on the demolition of the building itself, with the crews navigating around things like power lines and power poles, and the task itself isn't the easiest. 

To help accommodate the work and the crews going in and out of the site during the demolition, there are some traffic restrictions. The northbound lane of 3rd St., between Coteau and Souris Avenues, is closed during the project. As well, the back lane between 3rd and 4th St. between Souris and Coteau will be closed at times. The work on the demolition of the old Soo Theatre is expected to take two to three weeks to complete. From there, the residents of Weyburn can look forward to the new theatre that will be going up at the same location. 

The new theatre will be a two-screen cinema and will be helmed by the Weyburn Theater Community Service Cooperative. There is no timeline yet for when the construction of the new theatre will start. 

Video courtesy Mack Kohl, Mallory Cawthra & Steven Wilson