The Weyburn Mountain Bikers Club recently shared a video on social media that shows they don't just tackle the trails they've created here in Weyburn. In fact, in September they took a three-day trip to Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba.

Member Jason Stewart said the first day was the most difficult, which involved a 55-kilometre ride from Bob Hill Lake to the Whitewater Lake Backcountry Campground. 

“The reason it was so difficult was just how much we underestimated the speed we would go on the grassed trail. Five and a half hours on the bike.”

The second day, he noted, was the longest. 

“We rode around 120 kilometres from Whitewater up to the backcountry campground at Kinnis Creek. We set up our camp then headed up from there all the way to Dauphin, Manitoba,” he shared. “We had some well deserved KFC then rode back to Camp Kinnis. This was a long day, nearly eight hours on the bike. We basically crawled into our campsite as beaten men.”

The third day, he told, they had planned to ride from Camp Kinnis to Bob Lake through the park, which would have been roughly 80 kilometres of rough slow trail. 

“We decided to go around the park on gravel roads. This is where you saw the bridge out in the video. We crossed that broken bridge in the creek below. This day was approximately 100 kilometres, five and a half hours on the bike. We were lucky it was a slight tail wind.”

In all, he said, they rode a total of approximately 275 kilometres in three days. 

“Lots of tough riding. Now we plan next year’s trip!”

Watch the video below, which includes drone footage of the scenic terrain they covered.

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