It’s National Volunteer Week, and the Weyburn Arts Council is celebrating its volunteer council members and directors.  

“Without them so much of what is done within the gallery and as an Arts Council would not be possible,” said Curator and Arts Coordinator, Regan Lanning. “We host art sales, we do fun activities like our Chalk Month as well as the Walking Gallery, and all of these things would not be possible without these dedicated volunteers that donate their time and brainpower to the organization.” 

She added that these events create a positive impact on the community. 

“Your community is only as good as you make it and if you're not pitching in, if you're not helping out, maybe you're not contributing as much as you could.” 

The Weyburn Arts Council has been giving shout outs to their members and directors all week on their Facebook page.

New volunteers were recently sworn in at the council’s Annual General Meeting, and they are still seeking new members. Anyone interested can contact Regan at