A water main break disrupted water services for residents near St. Michael School yesterday and this morning, as well as at the school itself. 

The break was isolated within the bounds of Midtown Care Home, and the water services for homes in the area, and St. Michael School, were restored. The city is also working to provide a temporary water source for the care home until the repairs to the main can be made.  

“We have been in contact with the owner of Midtown Care Home, and they’re aware of the situation, so they’re just working with contractors right now,” explained Jennifer Wilkinson, the director of engineering for the City of Weyburn.  

The loss of water at the school prompted the cancellation of classes at St. Michael School for the day.  

While the repairs are being made, traffic is down to one lane along Park Avenue near Midtown Care Home. Traffic to St. Michael School should not be affected at this time.  

Wilkinson also reminded residents if they see a water main break, they can call the city to report it. Monday to Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., they can call the Public Works department at (306) 848-3290. Outside of those hours, a water main break can be reported to the after-hours number, (306) 861-2163.