Just a year ago, Weyburn was shivering through record cold, with overnight lows dipping down to -23.9°. This year, we have seen temperatures remaining above normal, even flirting with double digits at times. 

While there is snow expected tonight, and into tomorrow morning, things will be back into the above-normal temperatures soon, according to Justin Shelley. He is a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada.

"We are going to see an upper ridge build in over western Canada, which will provide some anomalously warm temperatures in through the weekend," Shelley projected. "Daytime highs look like they're going to be somewhere in the mid to high single digits, whereas our normal daytime high for this time of year is right around 0° or -1°."

The meteorologist noted this is a time of year when temperatures can widely vary. The warmest temperature seen on November 15th in Weyburn over the past 30 years was 14.4 degrees, back in 2004, and the coldest was the record temperature set last year. 

"It's certainly interesting to look at those variabilities year to year to year," Shelley added. "This time last year we were seeing those overnight low temperatures into the -20sm and right now we're not looking at seeing those temperatures through the first three weeks of the month, if not later."

Behind the warmer temperatures on the weekend, though, things could get chilly. At least, chilly compared to what we have seen so far this month. 

"In terms of when we might see that switch, well, it does look like by early next week, at least from a temperature perspective, we are going to see a flip in the pattern and colder temperatures return to the region," Shelley said. He noted there is the possibility of some scatter flurries, without any significant snowfall. 

Shelley also pointed out that with the temperatures hovering just below freezing with a mix of precipitation heading into the morning, it could lead to some less-than-ideal driving conditions.

"For people who have to go on their morning commute tomorrow, there might be some dicey travel conditions, so just take a bit of extra time."