Weyburn City Council will meet tonight in Council Chambers at 6:00 p.m., which will begin with Council hearing a report from the Weyburn Fire Department as well as the 2023 Water Treatment System Annual Operating Report. 

Director of Engineering Jennifer Wilkinson will present City Council with the results of a recent traffic study done on Government Road and First Avenue, with options for Signal Timing Plans now in place for the new timed light standards. Based on the report from WSP Canada Inc., no lane configuration changes will be made, and the City will not be adding left turning arrows. The City's Engineering Department will be reviewing lane alignment at the intersection to reduce the negative offset of lanes and improve sightlines for left-turning vehicles. This will be done with pavement markings.

The 2024 Tax Enforcement will be up for a second and third reading for properties with unpaid taxes. The property owners have received their Six Month Notice and have not paid the outstanding taxes. The next step is to send a letter to the Provincial Mediation Board requesting Consent of Title on the properties. 

An RFP will be reviewed for a road assessment, which consists of a grade hole investigation and asphalt rehabilitation recommendation for a number of roadways that will be rehabilitated under UHCP funding and the Infrastructure Revitalization Program (IRP) for 2025 and the following years. These engineered road assessment reports and rehabilitation design recommendations will allow for more accurate budget allocations for the UHCP funding applications as well as for the City operating budget.

For the paving of First Avenue, a second and third reading of an amendment to the Short-term Borrowing Bylaw will be before Council, as a maximum of $1,000,000 with a rate of Prime less 1% was given first reading during the May 27th, 2024, regular Council meeting.

The second Bylaw is for the City's new Swimming Pool bylaw, as the City of Weyburn's Zoning Bylaw currently has no clear definition of swimming pools, nor are there any standards in place for the City to guide such activities. Council will be able to give the Bylaw a second and third reading, with the first reading given on May 27th.

Council will be voting on a Property Sale for Lots 24 to 31, Block 3, Plan AZ357, as the City has received an offer to purchase from Derek Schenher for a total of 0.7 acres. The offer to purchase is for $8,640 plus GST at the market price of $12,000/acre for bare land charged by the City of Weyburn. The applicant is proposing to use the land for a tire repair and workshop. 

A Request for Placement of Food Truck on City-owned land (1st Street Parking Lot) will be up for vote by Council, for Big C's Burgers. The business is requesting periodic usage of parts of the parking lot located at 1st Street, which is city-owned parking, and therefore the request requires Council approval. Requests similar to this one have been approved by Council in the past for food trucks to locate on city-owned land. They are currently looking at operating there one of two weekdays per week for lunches and on Saturdays 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

A Discretionary Use Permit will be up for approval from the Weyburn Trails Association. The organization plans to host an outdoor festival at Heritage Village, to bring awareness to Heritage Village and the adjacent trails, as well as provide exposure to artists that would be performing. 

Find the full agenda HERE.