Dig around for your pockets for some spare change on Thursday, November 25th. The Weyburn Comprehensive School is fundraising for the Canadian Cancer Society on behalf of their staff member battling cancer, Mr. Lendrum.

Ryan Fowler, Principal of Weyburn Comprehensive shares more about Mr. Lendrum, "students really enjoy his classes, he's a big personality, always greeting students with a smile and wearing his what he calls "happy shirt" which is traditionally a Hawaiian type shirt."   

Thursday will be called Mr. Lendrum day. Fowler says, "we're encouraging everyone to dress in a happy shirt and donate a loonie or a toonie to the Canadian Cancer Society and the fight for Cancer. We're hoping to raise a dollar per person in the building anything above and beyond that will be fantastic."

If you don't have someone attending Weyburn Comprehensive School but would like to donate Fowler says "definitely come and drop it off at the main office at the school if anyone is interested in donating. We'll just add it into our pool of money that we donate on behalf of Mr. Lendrum and all those fighting cancer."