The Weyburn Credit Union staff were able to hold a staff mixer in person for the first time in over two years last week. 

Ashley Betker, Human Resources Manager with the Weyburn Credit Union said that these ‘unwinders’ are a great way to ensure team building.  

“Having fun at work is really important,” said Betker. “With COVID and everything we had to change how we were doing those staff events.” 

They continued to have events virtually, but Betker said it wasn’t the same. 

“There are around 90 of us, so we don’t always get to see each other,” she said. “If you work in one department you definitely don’t always get to interact with people from other departments. So, we find that having staff events is a good way to get everyone together, mingle, and have that one-on-one time with other people that isn’t work-related.” 

On Thursday they held a travel party, visiting three different countries in one night: Mexico, Japan, and Italy. The festivities included three different rooms containing the food and culture of different countries.  

“We all met up on the 2nd floor, and they had our pre-boarding where you got your boarding pass, and we split into three groups, so it was groups of 20-30 people. You had your pilot and your boarding pass which told you which countries you were going to in what order.” 

She said that they got to visit Italy and enjoy some pizza, Japan for sushi, and Mexico for margaritas.  

Submitted photos courtesy of Alex Roettger:





-With files from Marna McManus