Weyburn Oilwomen Association will be bringing the best summer flowers and plant expertise to their upcoming event patio planter workshops. Carmen Sterling, Vice-Chair of the Weyburn Oilwomen Association shares, “We have a Patio Planter workshop planned, as a part of our WOW Events Series, which are targeted towards just giving women an opportunity to get out and try something new, network and get out with some friends. We are planning it for Thursday, May 26th at the Gazebo at Riverside Park.”  


If you don’t have a green thumb, this is the place for you explains Sterling, “We have partnered with Gaye Wilderman who is very passionate about plants and flowers and she is working with Rough Bark Greenhouses for the plants and the supplies we need that night. Gaye has sourced everything locally, she provides a 19-inch black pot, as well as plants, soil, and fertilizer. She will be giving some tips and tricks on how to plan your planters because there certainly are some intricacies to making sure that we have the right number of plants, and the appropriate nutrients for them as well. “ 


This is a step-by-step planting evening that you can enjoy outdoors at Riverside Park, not only will you be learning a thing or two about plants, but support a good cause in our community says Sterling “These workshops help to support the activities that we do for community donations for different organizations. We’ve committed funds to a dressing room at the Spark Centre, these types of events help us to continue to do that work in the community.”  


Registration is open right now until May 20th.  For more information visit the Weyburn Oilwomen Facebook or here