The Weyburn Police Service responded to around the average number of calls last week, 86, ranging from alarms and domestic disturbances to animal and bylaw concerns. Only 13 charges were laid between September 18th and 24th, but seven were under the Criminal Code of Canada, five in relation to people not complying with court orders.

Two separate but similar early morning traffic stops over the weekend saw charges laid for unregistered vehicles. In one of the incidents, the man didn't have a valid driver's license, he was displaying a plate not registered to that vehicle, and he also had outstanding arrest warrants. 

According to the weekly report from the WPS, the stop on Saturday resulted in a man facing several charges including driving without a valid license, operating an unregistered vehicle, displaying a plate that was not registered to the vehicle, and failing to comply with a probation order as well as a condition of his release. He was also found to have an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The stop on Sunday has resulted in a man now facing several charges including driving while prohibited, operating an unregistered vehicle, and failing to comply with a probation order.

Police received several calls last week regarding stolen bikes and mischief to property.  

"The police encourage residents who witness or have knowledge relating to these incidents to contact the police and help identify those responsible," was the message from this week's police report. 

Some of the mischief included damage to construction sites, one of which has caused costly delays to a project that had been nearing completion. Read more HERE.

A two-vehicle collision on Thursday had EMS and firefighters on the scene to help out until the vehicles could be towed. Statements were taken by both parties and charges are still pending in that incident.

A man is facing a charge of failing to comply with a probation order after officers found him in breach of his order while doing a compliance check. Another man is facing charges of resisting arrest and failing to comply with a probation order after he had been reported to be heavily intoxicated, then chasing a vehicle of people with whom he'd been having an altercation at a convenience store.

Police also looked into some suspicious people or vehicles, responded to mental health concerns and requests to check on someone's well-being, harassing communications, and calls relating to parking concerns.

*Anyone with information regarding one of these matters, or any other matter of a criminal nature, is encouraged to contact the Weyburn Police Service at (306) 848-3250, the local RCMP Detachment at 310-RCMP (7267), or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).