The Weyburn Police Service is investigating a reported theft of wire from a business in the industrial area of the city last week.  

“In this case, the wire that was stolen was copper, and so our member took that report and they’re still actively pursuing that investigation,” explained Weyburn’s Chief of Police, Jamie Blunden.  

Blunden explained the WPS has seen a steady stream of theft of wire over the years. The person who takes the wire then sells the copper for some quick cash. The theft that happened last week, though, is being assisted by video surveillance.  

“There are some cameras up and stuff, so we are actively investigating some leads that we have,” Blunden continued. “Hopefully we’ll get some good leads from that down the road.” 

In December 2020, the provincial government made amendments to the Pawned Propoert (Recording) Amendment Act. The law puts requirements in place for scrap metal dealers to obtain and record identification and transaction information from clients, similar to how things are handled for pawnshops. This information can then be sent to the police. The transactions are also prohibited for those under the age of 18, and cash transactions are restricted.  

The act was put in place as a deterrent to the ability to make fast cash by anonymously selling scrap metal.  

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