As most have seen, the Weyburn Police Service got a new vehicle this spring, and according to Police Chief Jamie Blunden, they'll need another one next year. Read more about the police budget HERE.

"Last year when we put our new Tahoe on the road, we decided, because of the anniversary, that we wanted to put a new look to our vehicles, but of course, everything through the Police Commission is all standardized and we have to have authorization from them and meet the standards and requirements," he explained. "So one of our members sat down, and Constable [Kalin] Wiebe really did a really good job. We worked with [Constable] Preston Roy and they looked at a decal package. We went through a couple of different models and agreed on one and he submitted that to the Police Commission which authorized it and we're pretty happy and excited about it." 

In fact, he said they have submitted the decal design to Blue Line Magazine for Best Dressed Vehicle of the Year.

"So we're crossing our fingers for that down the road. We're really proud of it, so we are trying to get on the national stage with the best dressed I mean, but that's up to the committee, right? So and in saying that, I also talked to the Fire Chief and I know they like the package as well the Fire Chief is looking to somewhat look at a decal packaging for his vehicle, sort of not quite the same, but somewhat similar, and so we're pretty happy and proud of that too."