A Sunday evening traffic stop resulted in a man now facing several charges, and the Report Impaired Drivers program is paying off for the community.

After noticing a dangerous driver, a concerned community member pulled over in traffic and called 9-1-1 to alert the Weyburn Police Service of what they had witnessed.

"An alert individual noticed that the driver was operating what seemed to be like impaired or in a dangerous fashion," explained Deputy Chief Brent VanDeSype. "They provided a description of the vehicle and that vehicle was located by the officers." 

Upon investigation, however, the man became aggressive and combative and resisted arrest. In fact, he physically assaulted the officers attempting to make the arrest, and at one point attempted to obtain possession of an officer's firearm.

Police said in order to gain control, police had to resort to using a Conducted Energy Weapon (CEW).

"The conducted energy weapon, more commonly known on the street as a Taser, was deployed by one of the officers, which allowed them to safely handcuff the individual and take him into custody," VanDeSype said.

The man now faces charges of impaired driving, refusing to comply with a breath demand, operating a conveyance while prohibited, dangerous operation of a conveyance, resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer, and attempting to disarm a police officer.