It's December 22nd. For some, this is the day they start Christmas shopping. For others, it's the day they start panicking because they haven't found the right gift! Or, as the case may be this year, the package with that perfect gift hasn't arrived yet.

This year, many packages and parcels (especially those coming to Canada from other destinations) have been delayed, partially because of the floods and transportation issues in BC. At this point, many are leaving it up to the universe. The package either arrives...or it doesn't. 

While some let fate play its hand, for many it means a last-minute dash to find the perfect gift. This close to the holidays it can be a daunting task. You're out and about and panicking and then, THERE IT IS! The perfect gift. 

A true Christmas miracle.

That's what we are chatting about this morning on the AM1190 morning show. We want to hear your Christmas present miracles!

Mine was a few years ago. When we were younger, my brother had a huge collection of Bionicles (remember those?). But, due to circumstances, he had lost his entire collection. Eventually, he decided he wanted to start replacing them and asked for Bionicles for Christmas. And, yes, we did give him a hard time for being a full-grown adult who wanted Bionicles for Christmas...but that's a different conversation!

I decided that year that I would buy him a few. But they were IMPOSSIBLE to find. I looked EVERYWHERE. The ones I did manage to find were way overpriced and just...not up to par. So, here I am, on December 22nd, at my absolute wit's end, and I head to the toy section of the only store I had not been to. And there, on the top shelf, was a huge chunk of space occupied by Bionicles. To make the Christmas miracle even better...they were all 50% off!!! THAT'S RIGHT. I bought my brother three Bionicles for the same amount as buying one online. Shopping local really does pay off!

The store employee must have thought I was completely off my rocker because I started tearing up and gave her a hug. After I got the toys, I sat in my car, bawling my eyes out, while telling my mom that I found them! To this day it stands as one of my favourite Christmas memories!

Let's hear yours!

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