On March 15th, The Weyburn Wheatland Senior Centre held a draw for their raffle fundraiser. The fundraiser helped raise money for all of the repairs needed at the Senior Centre.

Theresa Istace, President of the Wheatland Senior Centre, shared that when she took over as President, she realized they needed to do a lot of repairs.

"We had an electrician come in and tell us that the air conditioners would not stand another year. At that time, that was a year ago, they were $7000 each, but I'm sure they're around $10,000 each now when you wire everything in."

Raffle DrawPhoto taken by Mack Kohl. 

Istace explained that an electrician also told them the wiring in the kitchen and parts of the building needed to be overhauled, and they also require flooring, deck, window, and door repairs.

Through solicitation of funds, they received $1400 in prize money, which they divided up into three cash prizes of $800 (first prize), $300 (second prize) and $300 (third prize). They also received money from various businesses for gift card draw prizes as well.

The first draw prize winner for $800 was Betty Knibbs, the second draw prize winner for $300 was Doris Flaten, and the third draw prize winner for $300 was Larry Campbell.

Raffle FundraiserPhoto taken by Mallory Cawthra. 

Around December 14th of last year, Istace said they began selling their raffle tickets, finishing up last week, and it worked out very well for them. "I have to thank Canadian Tire and the Wholesale Club. They were just awesome, they let us in there to sell tickets every weekend. Also the Co-op let us in one day, and oh boy, did we do good," Istace chuckled. 

Istace said they sold all 6400 of their tickets, and all were accounted for in the drum for the raffle. They invited Kathryn Groshong, one of their all-time members, to pull the first three draws. They also had other members from the Board present to draw the other tickets.

"We have cash donations that were given besides, some people came to buy tickets and they didn't want tickets, they just wanted to give us cash. We ended up with $5254 and that in cash donations, and from the tickets we received $8113."

Istace added that she wanted to thank everybody that donated to them in order to raise money and make their raffle fundraiser a success.


Piano at Wheatland Senior CentrePhoto taken by Mallory Cawthra.