The Weyburn Police Service has been receiving complaints regarding dogs barking or not being contained within their yards. 

One occurrence last week included someone being bitten by a dog.  

Police would like to remind the public about municipal bylaws that state dogs are not allowed to be on the loose, bark excessively, chase people, or attack anyone.  

“As an owner, you're responsible for your pet, and there have been some noise complaints with barking dogs and stuff like that,” Deputy Police Chief Brent VanDeSype said. “But it’s more serious when a dog is let loose or you know it's not contained in the backyard or the fence is inadequate and the dog gets out. If it's an aggressive dog it could bite someone or cause some grief by chasing people down the road or anything like that.” 

Bylaw infractions can result in fines or court appearances.   

“That's what the municipal bylaws are for, to make sure they are contained in the yard or tied up and that they don't injure anyone.”   

VanDeSype said if anyone encounters a loose dog they should contact the Weyburn Police Service, or the Weyburn Humane Society.