The Weyburn police service responded to 83 calls for service last week, resulting in a total of 31 charges.   

A man and woman are facing a charge of assault following a physical altercation late last Monday, after officers responded to a call advising of an assault in progress.  

Police say they both are known to each other and alcohol is believed to be a factor.   

“After speaking to both parties and witnesses, and some investigation both parties were charged,” said Deputy Police Chief Brent VanDeSype. 

They were released with an upcoming court date. 

Later in the week, a man was arrested for being intoxicated in a public place. There had been a report of an intoxicated male being belligerent and causing problems in a local drinking establishment.  

“In this case, no one was there to take over his care and make sure he sobers up and is safe, so we gave him a place to stay for the night until he was sober and he was released in the morning with no charge,” said VanDeSype. 

Officers were also called to a parking lot where another intoxicated man was reportedly causing a disturbance. Police say he was cooperative and was given a ride home.  no charges resulted.