After seeing recent success, Agriculture in The Classroom Saskatchewan is holding a new campaign to hopefully continue that.

Their Acres for Education Campaign will look for support from the farmers that their programs represent.

Executive Director, Sara Shymko shares what that's all about.

"The Acres for Education Campaign is an invitation to farmers all across Saskatchewan to donate $0.10 for every acre they farm to agriculture in the classroom to bring more ag experiences to students all across the province, particularly to replenish our learning kits, which are very popular among teachers and to deliver some in-person classroom experiences."

That money will go towards the various kits that AITC creates, which are in high demand.

"One of the things that we do is develop hands-on learning kits for students. So we have a seed kit, a soil kit, a food security resource, and food waste resource," said Shymko, "They're kits that are self-contained and contain the materials and supplies needed for kids to really get their hands dirty, get engaged, very tactile, and they can be distributed all across the province."

"They're very sought after by teachers because they bring learning about agriculture right into the classroom in a really easy-to-use, hands-on, authentic way and our stocks have been depleted due to the popularity of all of our kits and so that is the first priority for the farmer's dollars to go towards."

Their goal is to both fund those kits and potentially open up a new avenue.

"We have a pretty ambitious target here. Our initial goal is $150,000 to meet the existing demand for our learning kits and classroom presentations and then we would love to be able to take on a new initiative and fill in a gap for some agriculture programming. At a middle year and high school level, and so that is an additional $100,000, so the overarching campaign goal is $250,000."