Thursday is opening day for Moose Mountain Provincial Park as the park gets set for an expected busy May Long Weekend to kick off the summer season in southeast Saskatchewan.

"Looking forward to another amazing summer season," said Park Manager Kim Brown. "Looks like the weather is looking amazing for the May Long Weekend, which is not normal with some warmer temperatures, which is perfect for camping and experiencing the park."

Brown said there will be a couple of new amenities at the park this year.

"Aquatic it'll be an inflatable waterpark within our park now, so we're very excited to have them, it'll be a great addition to our park and I think it will be well-received," said Brown, adding they hope to have the waterpark ready in time for the July Long Weekend. "As well as with our e-bike rentals is new this year too."

Brown also emphasized that the park is currently not under a fire ban.

"Obviously take control, watch the fires and everything like that, but we still are in wet conditions in the south here," Brown said. "We assess daily just to make sure, but at this point we are not currently under a fire restriction."

Brown added that you can pick up your park pass on your way into the park, or purchase it online.