After nearly a week of extreme cold, temperatures are expected to start to climb in the coming days.  

The ridge of Arctic air that swept through the Weyburn area didn’t set any records, but it felt like it with wind chills that got as low as -50. While there were no records set, there was one significant milestone that was reached on Saturday. The daytime high on Saturday peaked at -32.3°, without the wind chill factored in. That was the lowest daytime high seen in Weyburn since February 1st, 1989.  

The warm-up we are expecting this week, though, will be a gradual one, and it will be accompanied by some more wind, explained Samantha Mauti. She is a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada. 

“Through the day on Tuesday, we’ll likely see some improvement in that extreme cold,” Mauti said. “So, it’s still expected to be cold, with the high temperature expected to get to -19°.” Wind chills for the day are projected to be around –30, which will still feel very cold but will be below the threshold for an extreme cold warning.  

The warm-up will continue through the week but will be gradual and temperatures will still be below normal. By the time we get to the weekend, though, things will be closer to normal for this time of year, which by comparison to this past weekend, may seem balmy.  

“I think that when you get to a –12, which is really right around seasonal, that will feel a lot better than this –20, -30 now,” Mauti chuckled.  

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