The City of Weyburn has announced the Weyburn Art Gallery's diorama art exhibition, “8 Rooms”, which features works by different artists, has been reopened, with signage to ensure parents can determine whether they will allow their children to view it.

There will be increased parental warnings and signage will be prominently displayed outside of the Weyburn Art Gallery. The appropriateness of exhibitions for younger viewers at the Weyburn Art Gallery will be under parental discretion. The City is committed to showcasing artistic expressions and growing our community’s understanding and appreciation of art.

Please be advised that the following messages will be displayed when an art exhibition may not be suitable for all audiences:

Discretion Advised: While we believe in the importance of artistic expression, we understand that certain content may not be suitable for all audiences. We encourage visitors to exercise discretion and self-awareness when exploring the gallery.

Guidance for Parents/Guardians: Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult when visiting the Weyburn Art Gallery. Parents or guardians accompanying minors are advised to consider the appropriateness of the gallery's mature themes and content for their children.

“8 Rooms” will remain in the Weyburn Art Gallery until the exhibit ends on June 26, 2024. Click on the related article link below to read more about the exhibition.

The City of Weyburn is committed to ongoing enhancements of procedures and policies to ensure that our facilities remain inclusive and accessible to all members of our community.