The registration deadline is coming up soon for artists to participate in the Gifted Summer Sale, being held July 8th at Jubilee Park.

Regan Lanning, Curator with the Weyburn Art Gallery, explained why they bumped up the sale by a full month this year.

"That was due to like feedback from our artists, because we have a large period of time between our Christmas or our winter and our summer sale, but we don't have such a long period of time between the summer and the and the winter sale. So we moved the sale a month earlier to give people more time to get re-creating."

The vendor registration deadline is May 19th.

"I always like to remind people that the registration deadline is coming up, and we really love the summer sale. If you've taken part in our winter sale, it's very serious. The shopping is brisk and people come with lists, and 'work, work, work' like it's very, very serious. Whereas our summer sale it has more of a relaxed vibe."

Lanning said it's more like a block party.

"There's dogs, there's kids, there's face painting. There's so much fun things to do. It's almost like a full day festival in the park, so completely different vibe to our summer event. I love them. I may enjoy the summer one, just a bit more just because of the vibe of it. There'll be bouncy houses there, there'll be food and and all sorts of fun festivities that day."

She said because the booths are spread out along the walking track loop at Jubilee Park, there is plenty of space for everyone. 

"A booth is only $50. We keep our prices low so that registration isn't a hindrance to being involved," she explained. "We believe that all these kind of events should be equitable and accessible to all, so by keeping the registrations at only $50, that enables everyone to take part." 

She reminded that the only caveat for taking part is that it has to be art or craft, and it has to be a creative venture.

Find the registration form HERE.