The Gifted Summer Art Market will be held at Jubilee Park on July 8th, which is a month earlier this year than usual. In fact, it's taking place during the Weyburn Agricultural Society's annual Fair Days. Read more HERE.

Local artists, artisans, and non-profits have until May 19th to get registered for the big event.

City Curator Regan Lanning said the venue allows for a wider variety of vendors than at the Gifted Winter Art Market, which takes place indoors.

"We still restrict it to handmade content, but community groups, that sort of thing, if you are a community nonprofit, you provide a service to the community, give us a call, because we provide both space to other nonprofits for free because we know that it's hard when you're a non-profit. So this is our way of giving back, and then really it's the more the merrier. So we're pretty excited for our event this year."

She said the signup deadline gives Weyburn Arts Council time to plan the layout for Jubilee Park.

"We work really hard at not having two people who are doing close to the same thing be together as well as like finding like food options for the day," she explained. "We provide quite a detailed map of layout for the event, as well as trying to plan some fun activities for the kids like treasure hunts and stuff like that. So by May 19th, that allows us plenty of time for the organizational end." 

Find the registration form on the City of Weyburn website HERE, or send an email to