Frankie Hickson, Running Back with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, made a special visit to the Family Place on March 6th, as part of the Rider Reading Program.

Darla Peterson, Team Leader at the Family Place with the Mini-Go Program, said that she had heard Hickson was going to be in town, and so she put in a special request, asking if he'd come and hang out with them for a little while at the Family Place.

Peterson said that they were very excited and honored that he stopped by for a visit with the Rider Reading Program; a Saskatchewan Roughrider Foundation community initiative that encourages students to read together and to meet one of their favorite players.

Peterson explained that, "Downstairs, they had a drop-in program at 9:30 a.m., and Hickson read, "The Wonky Donkey." It was a lot of fun, and then they had snacks and visited. Afterwards, he popped back upstairs for our Mini-Go program, and he chose to read a book titled, "The very Sleepy Sloth." 

Rider Reading program

She explained that their theme right now is the "Jungle."

"The very Sleepy Sloth" is a bunch of animals and their different talents. Then he talked about how he's a football player and he can run fast like the cheetah, and jump high like a kangaroo, and all the different talents that he has and that he uses playing his sport of football." 

Hickson shared that one of the big things that's important to the Riders, is getting out into the community and making sure their fans know that they're a part of the family, just as much as the players and the coaches.

"That begins with the kids, and it's just amazing to see the energy and the liveliness of these kids. They're just taking every day and loving every day, and just having fun and that's ultimately what it's about ... we can learn as adults from the kids." 

He explained that he aims to prove that it's okay to mess up while you're reading. "It's important to read though, that's the most important thing is that you open up the books and you focus and you read, and you get your time in."

Hickson commented that he's been here in Saskatchewan for three weeks now, and he actually passed Weyburn on the way up from Virginia.

"Not even knowing that in three weeks I would be right back in town and actually involved in the community. So, it's come full circle and it's amazing to be here in this place and with these kids."

Hickson also made an appearance at Legacy Park Elementary School on March 6th.

Hickson will be at the Tim Horton's in Weyburn from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on March 6th, for anyone that would like to stop by and welcome him to the community.

Jungle Family Place