Girl Guides is an amazing program that is a catalyst for connecting with community, creating a sense of belonging, developing leadership skills, and empowering girls.

The City of Weyburn does not currently have an active Girl Guides program running within the City or the Rainbow District.

Abby Kradovill, past leader with the Rainbow District Girl Guides, explained that once the pandemic hit in 2020, most of the groups shut down and it was difficult to restart those groups. 

"Once something is gone for a year, it's a little bit more difficult to get it up and running. Some of our leaders moved on to different activities, their daughters were doing different things, or they themselves were doing different things. And so it hasn't really been kickstarted."

Kradovill shared that they did try at the beginning of this year to start again, and they had some interest, "But again, we just need leaders to say, 'Yep,' we're on board and we want to go through those steps of becoming a leader and running a group."

Girl GuidesPhoto courtesy of Abby Kradovill.

She shared that Weyburn has the capacity to rent space at the Credit Union Spark Centre and run a group.

"It's possible to run a mixed group, whether it's Sparks, ages five to six, Embers, which is a new rebranding that they've done for ages seven to eight, Girl Guides for ages nine to 11, or Pathfinders for ages 12 to 14. We also have Rangers, which are ages 15 to 17." 

It's an amazing opportunity for girls, she shared, and the time commitment is only one day a week.

"Not everyone plays sports and not everyone has opportunities to travel and do different things, but Girl Guides provides that. You go and you meet once a week and you get a wide variety of things, plus it's very affordable.

There is some minor training required, and you're working with vulnerable children, she shared, so they want to ensure that those interested in volunteering with the program pass their criminal record checks. "The training isn't overwhelming and it's very simple to do."

"If we started now, there's potential that by September we could run with groups. We could kickstart and plan and we would have some people that would mentor some new leaders to help guide them." 

Kradovill added, "What better reason to have girl guide groups than to have girl guide cookies in town, right? Everyone loves them. It would be nice to have our girl guides starting groups in Weyburn and bring those cookies and that service back to our community. It's also a good learning experience for those guides to go out and sell, and learn about money and selling, and everything that surrounds that whole piece."

Those interested in becoming involved with the Rainbow District Girl Guides, or looking for more information, can contact Kradovill at or 306-891-9582. 

Girl Guides Toad StoolPhoto courtesy of Abby Kradovill.