Federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau emphasized Canada’s role as a reliable and diversified trading partner and discussed opportunities for enhanced cooperation in the agricultural sector. 

Bibeau spoke at the International Grains Council - Grains Forum and reaffirmed Canada's support for Ukraine’s agricultural sector and the Black Sea Initiative while calling for further stability in the global grains value chain.

In Germany, Bibeau took part in the Berlin Agriculture Minister's Conference 2023 at the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture.

There she emphasized Canada's condemnation of Russia's invasion of Ukraine in creating global food security problems.

Bibeau also stressed the importance of sustainable agriculture, highlighting recent actions and investments in Canada’s agriculture sector; as well as the importance of open, predictable and transparent agricultural trade. 

The Berlin Ministers’ Conference Final Communiqué focused on the need to respond to the global crisis in agriculture by:

·         Creating sustainable and resilient food systems;

·         Fostering climate-friendly food systems;

·         Promoting the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity; and

·         Improving collaboration for sustainable global food systems.

She also reaffirmed that increasing productivity and leveraging innovative ideas to support farmers is essential and that the contribution of women, youth and Indigenous peoples is vital for agricultural growth.