The JAMS Family Christmas Dinner is back again this year, and co-founder Sandy Spencer-Johnson couldn't be more excited.

The Christmas feast was put on hold for a few years, so she says they are really looking forward to hosting again this year.

"We weren't able to host in 2020 and again in 2021, we didn't want to take that chance. So, 2022 we're gonna give it a try and we're actually going to have people serving this year instead of visitors helping themselves. So hopefully that will keep the bugs and viruses away. We're really looking forward to hosting again."

Spencer-Johnson explains how the JAMS Family Christmas Dinner got started.

"Initially the JAMS Family Dinner was started when my husband passed away in 2003, and my girls and I wanted to make a new memory at Christmas time. So, we started out doing that just so that other people would not have to spend Christmas day alone. It just kind of morphed into a huge family, we call it our JAMS family."

She explains what time the meal starts and where the welcoming and generous community event will take place. 

"The JAMS Family Christmas Day dinner is on Christmas Day, and it's at the Knox Hall. We start serving at one o'clock and people can start arriving around noon. We do ask that everyone call the number on Discover Weyburn to talk to my mom and register, just so that we know how many we are cooking for this year, as the numbers have probably changed. We've got full meals, meat and potatoes, veggies and pies and everything that everyone is going to enjoy." 

She explains how meaningful the JAMS Family Christmas Dinner is to her and her family.

"We just missed our family so much. Next year will be our 20th year and its just commonplace now for us to host and it's really not Christmas without getting together with our JAMS family."

There is no charge for the JAMS Family Christmas Dinner, but donations are always welcome and any donation received over the cost of the dinner will be going to the Humane Society this year.

She added that they are not wanting to do too much for deliveries this year, as they don't think they'll have enough volunteers, but she said that individuals can contact her mom, Doreen Brown, at 306-842-3316, or go to Discover Weyburn to sign up as a volunteer, register and get your name on the list.