Over the past two meetings of Weyburn City Council, RFPs have been accepted to look at the state of some of the facilities around the city. The first was accepted at the February 26th meeting and will look at the condition of three leisure facilities – the Weyburn Leisure Centre, Crescent Point Place, and the Tom Zandee Sports Arena. The process is to help develop future long-term plans for the facilities.  

“It’s a team of engineers and architects that come and look at all of our equipment, and the structure of our facilities, the conditions of basically everything that operates our facilities, and then what we’ll come away with is kind of like a rating for each piece of equipment that will include the current condition, expected lifecycle remaining on that piece of equipment, what a replacement cost would look like, and what an upgraded cost might look like,” explained Andrew Crowe, the Director of Leisure Services with the City of Weyburn.  

From there, the city will be able to plan for the future of the facilities, including where to allocate the money needed for repairs and maintenance on a priority basis. It will also help determine some of the larger things, such as when a facility may need to be replaced.  

“This will give us a good, well-rounded picture of our facilities and exactly where they stand, and what kind of investment would be required to renew them with new equipment and repairs, or if that even makes sense moving forward or if we should start looking at potential replacements down the years to come,” Crowe added.  

The condition assessment will be undertaken by Stantec Architecture, who submitted a bid of $42,293. The total budget for the project in the 2024 budget was $75,000.  

The second report that will be prepared will be a baseline roof report for 13 facilities around Weyburn. These include the Leisure Centre, Crescent Point Place, Sports Arena, Turner Curling Museum, City Hall, Weyburn Police Headquarters, the Public Works building and Fire Hall, the fleet storage building, the cold storage building, the water treatment plant, Soo Line Historical Museum and the TC Douglas Centre.  

The City Council accepted a bid from EXP Services for the project, which came in at $27,772.20, which was below the budgeted amount of $50,000. 

"We’re having consultants in the roof systems to discover or establish where we need to put some investment into them – repairs that may be necessary, how long to expect before full-on replacements are required – and then we can start budgeting for that accordingly,” Crowe said of the roof report.  

Both of the projects are scheduled to be completed, and have the reports completed, before the start of the budget deliberations for 2025.