Today is the first day today of the Saskatchewan Oil & Gas Show, which is hosted every couple of years here in Weyburn. Due to government restrictions, however, it hasn't been held since 2019.

Jennifer Wilkinson, Engineering Director for the City of Weyburn, said the Oil Show is a team effort between the City and the Oil Show board.

"The city always does a few things," she shared. "Obviously we help with bringing graders in to help with the roads around the grounds, and just make the grounds a little cleaner." 

She thanked the Oil Show board for funding a paving project. 

"We did coordinate the paving of the lot across from Crescent Point Place, so we were able to have that paved this year by Genco Asphalt. We're really excited for that partnership, and that is a long-term benefit not only for the Oil Show but the whole community that use those facilities," she commented.

"It looks absolutely fantastic and it was really exciting that we were able to get that in prior to the Oil Show. And once again, the Oil Show did pay for the paving of that lot, with the City managing the work. So it was definitely a group effort we're really proud of."

Not only do these kinds of collaborations go on every time Weyburn hosts this event, but the City lends Public Works crews as well for a couple of weeks leading up to the show.

"We definitely provide staff throughout the event as well as preparation toward getting the grounds ready," she noted. "A lot of our public works staff does commit to doing things around that area on the grounds, and then, of course, the leisure facilities and their maintenance staff on the inside of the building."

"The City understands what a big event this is, and the massive amount of time that goes into it," she highlighted. "So we want to support that, and we do have staff and equipment and lots of personnel out helping to make sure that this event is a big success."

A particular favourite aspect of the Oil Show, she pointed out, is the sense of community it brings.

"It brings everybody out. And it's so nice seeing people out together again, and volunteering, and there's a lot of connection that goes on, between that and professional development," Wilkinson said. "There's a lot of education, too, that goes through there, because you don't realize the amount of industry and involvement within the oil industry. So it is great to see this event back and to have everybody involved."

"You really got to give a lot of kudos to all the volunteers that step up and make this show happen every year, and the amount of collaboration that goes in between contractors, the board, the City, and all the volunteers is just absolutely impressive."