“People should kind of get used to getting the toques and scarves and mitts and everything back on again.”

That advice coming from Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Terri Lang, as temperatures are expected to plunge well below seasonal for much of the week. The turnaround from temperatures just above freezing late last week was punctuated by an extreme cold warning that was issued Sunday.

While the temperatures will be below seasonal, it isn’t unusual for the mercury to struggle to reach -20° during the day in late January. And while it will be cold, there is at least one positive in store for us, according to Lang.

“We should see a lot more sunshine,” Lang explained. “Because the air is so dry, there’s often very little cloud associated with it and usually no snow, so maybe we’ll see a little bit more in the way of sunshine because Lord knows that’s been missing this month.”

Behind the colder temperatures, things are expected to get back close to seasonal by the end of the week. However, Lang cautions we shouldn’t see this as the last gasp of winter in terms of frigid temperatures.

“We have to get through February, and that can be a very cold month,” the meteorologist pointed out. “Records run in the high -30s to the low -40s, so we have to get through February first.”

In fact, the lowest recorded temperature ever seen in Weyburn happened in February of 2019, when a daytime high of just -44.2° chilled the city to the core.

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